Imagine Your Next Business Meeting Or Event At A Spectacular Bangkok Cultural And Historical Venue

Looking for a unique venue for your next business meeting or special event?  Thailand features a variety of cultural and historical venues, including the historical Grand Postal Building & M.R. Kukrit Pramoj Heritage House, charming Jim Thompson House,picturesque The Siam Society under Royal Patronage and the riverside Chakrabongse Villas and Praya Palazzo Hotel.
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Lock The Details Down With An Employment Contract Template

As a business takes off it starts to grow rapidly. The first big contracts are signed and owners need to hire more staff to handle the volume of work that’s about to come their way. Businesses can’t always rely on freelancers. At some point they may need to hire permanent staff and that means drawing up employment contracts to make sure both sides know where they stand. [Read more…]

Get an Accident Advice to Know Your Claim Value

imagesAccident is a very stressful situation where you may have to think about several consequences like getting immediate treatment, trying to work out personal injury claim value and a lot more. You may seek help of your agent or contact insurance company help line to get an accident advice to better know your claim value. However, you need to provide certain information to the officials to find out whether you are eligible and what you can do to avail maximum benefits out of your claim. [Read more…]